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Sarah Rees is a British TV presenter with a wide and versatile background, having a Master’s Degree In Environmental Science, a commercials acting and presenting career, animal handling experience and presenting for a specialist technology and games series, there seems to be nothing Sarah can’t turn her hand to.

Sarah has been called to voice over commercials, star in TV ad campaigns and to narrate audio books. Additionally, her work as a TV presenter and producer has taken her around the world and the ability to speak French has come-in very handy.

Outside her work as a TV presenter, Sarah is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and is involved with several conservation projects and charities. The Mammal Society awarded her a distinction in British mammal identification and she has monitored bat populations whilst also studying the biodiversity of trees via the Field Studies Council.

Sarah has over 100 hours of live TV presenting experience and has proven her versatility by presenting diverse subjects from Science and Natural History to children’s television, including costume comedy sketches and a wide array of subjects within the corporate sector.

She is experienced with talk-back, live studio work, location reporting, green-screen news and sports updates. Sarah has interviewed a wide range of people, from Hollywood stars, sporting heroes and children to scientists and politicians.

To date, Sarah’s TV presenting credits include Sky One’s popular long-running kid’s gaming and technology series Gamezville, several years as a demonstrator of hi-tech products for QVC and four hour presentation shows for the Jewellery Channel.

Sarah is attempting to bring her great love of Conservation and Natural History into her TV presenting work by filming and producing short on-line films, two of her favourites being a shoot in the Seychelles - reporting on friendly giant tortoises, an endemic species to these Islands and the ever increasing importance of Coral Reef recovery.

Sarah is an avid wildlife and travel photographer, whose ‘photos have been featured in British magazines. She is also a guest writer for the international website “” contributing articles on travel and nature.



Sarah Rees

Sarah Rees

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