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Thomas is a Journalist/Town Planning Specialist from Northern Ireland who doesn’t pull any punches.  With one of those instantly recognisable accents, quirky look, quick wit and passion for everything he does Thomas is someone you’ll always want to have fighting your corner.

Since moving to London almost fifteen years ago, he’s carved out a successful and unique career as a Town Planning specialist.  It’s unique because he’s combined this work within the built environment with an equally successful TV and radio career, concentrating on planning, property, urban regeneration and environmental issues. 

Earlier this year, Thomas exposed a property company that was exploiting ordinary investors out of thousands of pounds, in an exclusive investigation for Five News.  He spent months with the Five News Investigations team carrying out undercover filming, interviewing victims and finally challenging those behind the scam.

As a qualified broadcast journalist, Thomas is able to tackle the hardest of issues as well as the lighter topics that are thrown at him.  As a freelance journalist he works across a number media platforms including TV, radio, print and on-line.

Thomas has worked at a number of regional BBC and commercial radio stations, including BBC Essex, BBC Berkshire, LBC 97.3 and Heart FM over the past few years.  His ability to write accurate, compelling and legally tight scripts, along with his passion for journalism always makes him a popular choice with News Editors. 

Last year, Thomas worked on BBC London’s flagship programme Inside Out on a number of planning and property related stories. For one such story, he uncovered a number of letting agents in the Capital, who were using a loophole in the law to scam landlords out of their tenants rent.

In 2008, he presented ‘The BATFA’s 2008’ live for Leicester Square TV and since then has interviewed a whole host of ‘A’ list celebrities for the channel, including Keira Knightly, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Hanks, Uma Thurman, Colin Firth and Renee Zelwegger.

Thomas’s love for the theatre and excellent writing skills landed him the job, earlier this year as Contributing Editor for two magazines in London - Mayfair Fashion and Concierge

His column in both magazines is a ‘must read’ for all those theatre lovers, and includes the latest inside gossip from the west-end.  He also writes reviews and news and carries west-end interviews including David Essex for last month’s edition of Concierge.

Thomas is one of the most diverse and exciting young talents around at the moment, with the expertise, passion, diversity and charisma to appeal to any type of audience.

Broadcast Experience

BBC Essex        Broadcast Journalist (freelance)             2010           

  • Develop original programme ideas suitable for a local BBC audience
  • Carry out live and pre-recorded interviews and vox pops
  • Prepare cues and clips and copy for news bulletins
  • Develop, write and edit programme packages for the morning and drive-time shows

Five News         Broadcast Journalist (freelance)                 2010          

  • The ‘Ahuja’ Expose
  • Developed programme and package ideas
  • Set up guest experts and contributors
  • Set up on location interviews and carried out ENG’s with experts
  • Drafted cues and scripts for the news programme and bulletins
  • Worked with the investigative team on long term pieces
  • Worked on forward planning desk developing future ideas and sourcing stories   

BBC Berkshire Guest Contributor (freelance)                   2010          

  • Weekly theatre and arts contributor
  • Live studio based interviews about local forthcoming arts and drama information

Key 103              Reporter (freelance)                                                2010                

  • Attended the National Television Awards and interviewed the red carpet arrivals
  • Edited package using radioman for the Breakfast Show

UTV                  Researcher (freelance)                               2009          

  • Carried out research and information gathering for news programme
  • Attended the editorial meeting and contributed ideas and stories
  • Attended outside broadcast and assisted reporter with preparation for live link
  • Selected footage and assisted with preparation of OOV’s
  • Provided vox pops and news packages for U105 Radio

Hertbeat FM 106.9 Reporter                                            2009          

  • Carried out research and several telephone and one-to-one interviews
  • Provided copy and package material from burli for each news bulletin
  • Edited packages using Burli for use in the drive-time news
  • Contributed with story ideas using contacts and produced several treatments
  • Reported live for the drive-time news  

BBC London     Broadcast Journalist 2008                                                                
Inside Out

  • Developed programme ideas in conjunction with production team
  • Researched content and prepared programme brief
  • Interviewed contributors and experts for the programme
  • Sourced contributors, experts and locations for filming
  • Collated and prepared information for Editorial Policy Report
  • Filmed on location interviews and general shots

LSQ TV             Presenter/Producer           2008-2009             
Behind that Face

  • Created programme format and prepared treatment
  • Produced storyboards and assisted with scheduling
  • Arranged all celebrity interviews and on location filming
  • Researched background information for each programme and celebrity
  • Wrote the series introductions, all pieces to camera and interview questions
  • Presented the programme and carried out all on location interviews
  • Managed the series budget effectively
  • Presented live from the BAFTA’s red carpet    

BBC London 94.9   Broadcast Assistant                            2008          

  • Attended the daily editorial meeting
  • Contributed with story and programme ideas
  • Prepared interview notes and background information for studio guest
  • Recorded links and wrote cues for packages used in the drive-time news
  • Edited packages using Radioman
  • Carried out vox pops
  • Researched and interviewed contributors and experts

LBC 94.3           Contributor                                             2007          
Sunday Supplement

  • Took part in a studio phone-in with other property experts
  • Offered advice and information on property matters on air
  • Provided information for the station’s website offering advice and information

BBC NI              Presenter                                                  2000         
Alphabet Series

  • Researched programme topic and contributed with ideas
  • Carried on location interviews with contributors and experts
  • Set out questions and programme content
  • Worked with other parts of the team
  • Undertook various vox pops led studio discussion

Print Experience

Concierge MagazineContributing Editor (freelance)    2010          

  • Manage theatre and showbiz section of magazine
  • Manage departmental budget and team of reporters
  • Develop ideas and section content
  • Carry out interviews and reviews
  • Prepare personal column about theatre/showbiz
  • Manage and develop key contacts within field

Mayfair Fashion   Contributing Editor (freelance)          2010         

  • Write theatre and showbiz section of magazine
  • Develop ideas and section content
  • Carry out interviews and reviews
  • Manage and develop key contacts within field

Haymarket Publications   Reporter/Journalist                  2000          
Planning Magazine

  • Wrote news articles and stories for the weekly magazine
  • Carried out investigative special reports
  • Conducted in-depth interviews with leading planning and regeneration figures
  • Attended the weekly government press conference and Q&As
  • Edited other contributors’ articles and reports for the magazine
  • Managed other junior reporters and provided training when necessary

Development Control Casebook

  • Summarised Appeal Planning Decision Notices for this weekly supplement
  • Wrote special in-depth reports and exclusive articles
  • Attended Planning Enquiries and Planning Committees
  • Reported on the latest Planning and Regeneration legislation
  • Summarised the latest Planning Advisory Notes
  • Interviewed government Ministers and industry professionals



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